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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I get help?

You can obtain immediate online help by reading this FAQ document and searching our Knowledge Base (KB). If you cannot find an answer to your question from these resources, please send a support request to us from the Contact Support page.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

If you cannot remember your login credentials, go to our login page then click the “Did You Forget Your Password?” and we will send them to you to the email address you signed up with.

What are the system requirements for your online courses?

We support the following Operating Systems: Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. Our browser support includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Flash and Adobe Reader are required. While most modern Internet Browsers that support Flash should work, our support department can only assist you with these Operating Systems and Internet Browsers.

What should I do if I have trouble logging into my account?

Most of these difficulties are caused by the settings on your computer. The easiest way to solve them is to clear your “cookies”. Follow these steps for Internet Explorer: Go to the ‘Tools’ button on your internet window and drop down to ‘Internet Options’.

Then go to the middle of the Internet options box and click on ‘Delete Cookies’.

It will take a minute for the cookies to delete. Once the operation is complete, close the box and log back into the course. If this does not work please contact customer support.

I am using a dial-up connection and my course is running slow or not playing at times. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the speed or reliability of dial-up connections. Dial-up performance will depend on many factors. For more information, please contact your internet service provider. For optimal performance we recommend using a high-speed internet service.

Do I have to complete my course in one sitting?

No. You can log out at any time and when you log back in you will be able to continue from where you left off.

Is there a time restriction on completing the course?

Our courses do not have a time restriction.

Do I only get to take one practice exam with my purchase?

No. Once you purchase your practice exam, you will be given access to hundreds of practice questions. You will be able to take an exam again and again, and each time, you will be given new questions from our database of professionally written questions.

Can I share my account with my friend?

No. Your purchase is limited to single user access. For security reasons, your exam purchase may include a question limit to protect us from password sharing. If you reach this limit, additional questions will be added providing your account does not show an abusive pattern.

Does your site keep track of my score?

Yes. Our site keeps track of every exam you take, the answers that you select, and the scores for each exam. It also gives you performance benchmarks and lets you know how you are doing in all areas.

Can I review the exams that I take?

Yes. You can open and review any of your exams in your exam history. Just as you were taking the exam, you can open your exam and view the answers you selected, and whether you got them right or wrong.

Can I pause my exam, and come back to it later?

Yes. An exam can be paused at any time. When you are ready to continue your exam simply go into exam history and select the exam you paused.

My supervisor requires me to show proof of successfully passing each exam before moving on to the next module. How can I do this?

There is no built-in means to do this, but you can take screen captures of the progress screen. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click “Start Your Course”
  3. Click on the word* in the Status column of the Courses & Exams box
  4. Take a print screen of the page by pressing the PRTSC or PRTSCN button on your keyboard.
  5. Paste the screen (Edit -> Paste menu or Ctrl+V key) into an email message and send it to your supervisor.

* e.g. “In Progress”

Note: Some keyboards or mobile PCs that don’t have the PRTSCN button might use other keyboard combinations, such as FN+INSERT, to take a screen capture. Check the information that came with your computer or the manufacturer’s website for more information.

How do I print my certificate?

Here are the instructions for printing certificates:

  1. Login
  2. Click “Start Your Training”
  3. In the rectangular box entitled “Documents Available / Issued” look for the word “Issued” (it should be underlined).
  4. Click the green down-arrow beside the word “Issued”.
  5. A window entitled “WHMIS_Online_Training-1.pdf - Adobe Reader” appears. A wallet-card and wall-mountable certificate you can print is in this window.
  6. Click on the printer icon to print your a copy. You can repeat this process and print as many copies as you need whenever you need them.
Add a Web Site to the List of Trusted or Restricted Sites

Internet Explorer 6 sets up the Trusted Zone with a low security level to make it easier for you to do such things as download software without prompting. Add a site to this zone only if you trust that it would never cause harm to your computer. On the other hand, the Restricted zone imposes the highest security level for sites you deem untrustworthy; when you visit these sites, Internet Explorer 6 will prompt you at every turn.

  1. Go the Web site you want to add to a zone.
  2. Highlight the Website address, right-click and press Copy. This saves you from having to type it later.
  3. On the Internet Explorer 6 Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  4. Click the Security tab, and then click the security zone where you want to add the site: Local intranet, Trusted sites, or Restricted sites.

    Because all sites are by default already in the Internet zone, you cannot add Web sites to it.
  5. Click the Sites button.
  6. In the Add this Web site to the zone box, press CTRL+V to paste in the Web address.
  7. Click the Add button. Note: If Internet Explorer 6 asks for confirmation, you may be trying to add a site that is not secure. Internet Explorer 6 will accept only sites to the Trusted list that make a secure connection-for example, secure banking or shopping sites. To identify such a site, look for https:// in the Web address.

    If you want to add an unsecured Web site (for example, a site that does not have https:// in the Web address), click to remove the check in the Require server verification box.

    Be careful! Only do this for Web sites whose content you trust 100 percent.
  8. If you want to add more sites to this zone now, you can go back to step 6 and type any additional Web addresses into the Add this Web site to the zone box, and then click the Add button.
  9. Click OK twice.
Can I do my online training on an iPad or iPhone?

No, our online training is Adobe Flash-based not currently supported by either the iPhone or iPad. It will work however on other tablets supporting Adobe Flash.

Can’t I just do the final exam to get my certificate?

The course is designed to be fully completed before a certificate can be printed, to ensure that the student has adequately reviewed the material. There is no option to only complete a final exam.

Delete Cache

Open a new browser window. Select from the top menu: Tools–>Internet Options and then click “Delete Files” and “Delete Cookies” under the Temporary Internet files settings. This clears the cached or memorized pages.

How do I change my password or personal information?

Select “Update Profile” from the main menu. You may need to click the menu tab to un-hide the menu if you are studying a lesson. You cannot change your first name, last name, or username.

How to disable the firewall on Windows XP
  • Click on the Start Menu, in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Right-click on My Network Places
  • Select Properties
  • Double click Local Network Connection or Modem
  • Click Advanced
  • Uncheck Internet Connection Firewall
I can’t open the Dangerous Goods list or Class Guide on the TDG course.

You may already have them open, as both documents open in separate pop-up windows. Check your bottom toolbar or minimize all your open windows to check. You may have a pop-up blocker on your computer, which you will need to turn off to view these pages.

I don’t have time to finish my course today, can I just leave?

Yes, your progress is marked by green checkmarks on your Course Outline. To leave the course click “Log Out”. When you return to the course you will see the green checkmarks, and can begin with the last lesson checked off.

I have finished my course, but my status is showing, as “Partially Completed” and I can’t print my certificate.

If you have completed the course with at least the minimum required exam grade, click on “My Certificates”, and then choose your course. If there is no certificate listed then your course has not been completed. Check your Course Outline for any missing green checkmarks

I have not been registered, but when I try to create a profile, a message says I’m in the system already.

If you are trying to create a profile with the bulk key, this error occurs when someone with the exact name is already registered in the system. If you are a new student, click “No” and a new account will be created for you.

I think I am missing a course; it is not listed under “My Courses”.

Your Administrator, or whoever has ordered your on-line training, will have a record of all courses you were to be registered for. Please contact them.

It is taking a long time to load the course.

Each Chapter is loaded completely before you begin a lesson, and if you have a dial-up connection this will take longer than if you have a high-speed connection. You may have to delete your cache. Customer should close all other application or programs that are opened.

My Administrator told me to add another course to my account, how do I do that?

Simply log in with your own username/password and click on “Add New Course”. You will be asked to enter a Keyname and Password, which your Administrator can provide for you. If customer can’t find the bulk key information or there is no administrator, provide the information to him or her.

My screen is stuck on “loading”.

Close all browser windows. Now open a new browser window. Select from the top menu: Tools–>Internet Options and then click “Delete Files” and “Delete Cookies” under the Temporary Internet files settings. This clears the cached or memorized pages. Now close your browser again. Open a new browser and try accessing a lesson. Sometimes when a file has timed out it is incomplete and if you don’t clear the memorized pages from the browser, the computer will keep trying to run the incomplete page.

My username and password has not been e-mailed to me.

If an e-mail address was not entered during the registration, the username and password could not be e-mailed. To obtain your username and password contact your administrator directly or contact our office.

My username/password doesn’t work or I can’t remember it.

Be sure you are typing in the username/password exactly as shown in the email you received. The format for your username and password are as follows:

Username: Firstname.Lastname (Joe.Smith)
Password: FirstnameNumber (Joe19)

If you do not have the email that was delivered to your inbox indicating your username and password, you may ask your company administrator directly or contact our office.

The web page won’t come up, it just says “Page not found”.

Close all Internet browsers (Internet Explorer) and then open it again. Try typing in the address bar, instead of using the link from your email or from your favorites list. You may also need to clear your cache.

To change Pop-up Blocker settings
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings.
Turn off the Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker

Pop-up Blockers are typically turned on in Internet Explorer and set to the medium setting, which means it will block most automatic pop-ups. The default settings for the pop-up blocker allow you to see pop-ups that are opened when you click a link or button on a Web site. Pop-up Blocker will also play a sound and show the Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked. You can adjust these settings so that Pop-up Blocker works the way you want it to.

What does my computer need to take your online courses?

To take our courses, we recommend using the browser Internet Explorer 5+ on your PC computer. Mozilla and Netscape browsers occasionally produce unexpected results and may not let you print your certificate. Macintosh computers are now supported. You will also need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player. The course will auto detect if you do not have it and a link to the download will be provided.

What happens if I fail one of the Chapter Quizzes, or the Final Exam?

You can continue with the course, even if you fail a Chapter Quiz. If you wish to re-take that quiz, open the Menu (blue tab on the left) and click on that Quiz again. If you fail the Final Exam you will be automatically required to take it again. Minimum required grade is 80%.