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Who requires WHMIS GHS training?

Any worker who works with or in proximity to a controlled substance needs WHMIS GHS training.

Why is the training computer based?

On-line or computer based training provides both consistency and flexibility. It provides employers with the opportunity to use unexpected down time in a cost effective and productive manner. And by using a database driven system, it provides a method of not only testing the knowledge of participants, but it also documents the results. Training can be provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to employees both at work and at home. No more lost productivity and no more booking training rooms or renting training facilities or hiring trainers. What could be simpler!

How long does it take to complete the course?

Both our WHMIS GHS and TDG courses take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

What does’s WHMIS GHS course cover?

The course is designed to comply with the general or generic components of Provincial WHMIS GHS Legislation. It is structured to meet the needs of both employees and employers alike.

The course features four elements or segments to the training including background and explanation of WHMIS GHS Legislation, Hazards, Workplace Labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Please Note: This training program is NOT meant to replace the workplace specific elements of the legislated requirements of WHMIS GHS.

Do I need to re-certify and if so, how often?

Training doesn’t have to be renewed at any particular time, but it does have to be up-to-date at all times. It is recommended that some form of WHMIS review be conducted and documented at least once per year.

Do government regulations require a WHMIS GHS certificate?

As per Health Canada’s website “WHMIS GHS laws do not require that workers be issued a ‘certificate’, card nor any other document to demonstrate that they have received generic education or site-specific WHMIS GHS training.” So although not required,’s training course provides a certificate of completion to show proof that a trainee has completed the course successfully.

Do I keep my TDG certificate or does my employer?

You must keep your certificate with you or near you. You may have to produce it at the request of a dangerous goods inspector.

Do I need TDG Training?

Everyone who handles, prepares for transport or carries dangerous goods must be trained and certified. Your employer determines what type and level of training you need.

How long is my TDG Training valid for?

The training certificate is issued by your employer, and is good for 3 years. It is only valid if it is signed by you and your employer.

How long is my WHMIS Training valid for?

Training doesn’t have to be renewed at any particular time, but it does have to be up-to-date at all times. It is recommended that some form of WHMIS review be conducted and documented at least once per year.

I am self-employed, who signs my TDG certificate?

If you are self-employed, you can issue your own certificate. This means you have the responsibilities of an employer and an employee.

If I change employers/ jobs, do I have to retrain in TDG?

According to the TDG regulations, a TDG certificate is not transferable between employers. This means that if a trainee changes employers, they will need to be re-certified by the new employer and possess a training certificate with the new employer’s address. The same applies if you change job descriptions. For example if you were trained as a “Handler” of dangerous goods but now drive a vehicle, you will need to be retrained.

If I change employers/jobs, do I have to retrain in WHMIS?

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are properly trained. This may include re-certification.

Where do I find information about TDG training in the Regulations?

Part 6 of the TDG Regulations deals with training requirements.

Who needs WHMIS training?

WHMIS training is required for any employee that requires this information to protect themselves from the hazards of the controlled products they handle at their workplace.

I completed my course but I cannot access my certificate. What can I do?

Please log out of your account, clear the cache in the browser and log back in. You will then have access to your certificate.