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TDG/WHMIS (GHS) Online Training Bundle (English)

SKU: KIT220500A

Price $55.00 CAD $55.00 CAD
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This bundle pack includes both full TDG Online Training Program and Award Winning WHMIS Online Training Program.

Successful completion will grant students personalized, color wallet certificates for both Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training as well as a digital badge.  Throughout these programs proficiency will be measured by periodic tests and exams to ensure that students are knowledgable enough to merit a certificate of completion.   NOTE: This bundle pack contains the complete TDG Online Training Course as well as the complete WHMIS Online Training course.  90 minute runtime for WHMIS, 2.5 – 3 hour runtime for TDG (average) Canadian government standards compliant   Rich multi-media modules   Dynamically generated exams  Personalized wallet certificate upon completion