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TDG / WHMIS / Self-Teach / Handbook

TDG & WHMIS (GHS) Compliance Bundle

SKU: KIT215000A

Price $90.00 CAD $90.00 CAD
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Danatec’s TDG & WHMIS (GHS) Compliance Bundle is a great option to train your team and meet your compliance requirements for less. This bundle contains all the materials required to meet general TDG and WHMIS compliance, PLUS the at-hand reference material to keep employees safe on the job. This bundle includes:  TDG Self-Teach® Book   TDG Handbook   WHMIS (GHS) Self-Teach® Book  WHMIS (GHS) Handbook Dimensions:   TDG Self-Teach® Book (8.5" x 11") | TDG Handbook (3.5" x 6.5" ) | WHMIS (GHS) Self-Teach® Book (8.5" x 11") | WHMIS (GHS) Handbook (4" x 6.5") Pages:  TDG Self-Teach® Book (94 pages) | TDG Handbook (98 pages) |  WHMIS (GHS) Self-Teach® Book (86 pages) | WHMIS (GHS) Handbook (70 pages)